Just think what's possible - with your support!


Percy Hedley Foundation is known as a practical charity, providing much needed support and services for children and adults with complex disabilities and their families.

All the money raised goes directly to provide vital services, specialist equipment and facilities in the North East that just wouldn't exist without your support.


Transforming Lives

TransformModern technology can transform the lives of people with severe disabilities.

Modern technology can enable children without speech to communicate and those who cannot hold a book or a pen to enter the world of learning. It can provide smart solutions in the home to increase independence and give people the mobility to play a full and active role in the community.

For example, with the use of new sports power chairs, disabled people can now participate in new and exciting sports, such as Powerchair Football, not just watch from the sidelines.

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Giving disabled children the best start in life

MiaDisabled children and their families need help at the earliest possible stage, yet very little is available. We understand the importance of helping the whole family, that's why Percy Hedley Foundation provides a family support service to offer disabled children the best possible start in life.

Reaching out to help others

Rehabilitation for people with acquired neurological conditions.

 Annual Report School for Parents Page

Our Centre for Conductive Education provides life changing rehabilitation services for people with acquired neurological conditions such as Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis and those recovering from strokes. 

Together  - It is possible

Whether you are an individual, an employee, a company, a school, a local group or a charity committee, your support really will help many more disabled children and adults reach their full potential.  We would love to help you plan your fundraising activities and work in partnership with you on practical projects to raise the much needed funds for Percy Hedley.

Here's what's possible with your support......

Summer School 2008

£10 a month can give a child a fantastic time at our summer school

£25 could provide adapted toys for disabled children

£15 a month could provide Halliwick swimming lessons to teach disabled children to swim

£100 could provide a specialist switch to enable a disabled person to use a computer

£25 a month could help a family to be supported when they most need it

£1,000 could provide a multi-sensory environment to help with relaxation and stimulation

£2,000 could provide Soundbeam technology, enabling users to create music by their body movements

£50 a month could help someone recovering from a stroke to learn to be independent again

£4,000 could purchase a new sports powerchair to enable someone to play team sports like Powerchair Football or Rugby

Every donation we receive is really appreciated because whatever you do to support us, it really does make a difference to people's lives. JUST THINK WHAT'S POSSIBLE......

For more information and ideas please go to our Get Involved Page

Please help us to make it possible - together!

Thank You