Conductive Education

What is Conductive Education?

Hedleys Adult Services offers Conductive Education, a system of learning developed by Hungarian physician Professor Andras Peto in Budapest.

It was initially developed for the needs of children with cerebral palsy, but at Percy Hedley it is also a unified rehabilitation programme for people with neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis or those who have suffered strokes or head injuries.

Conductive Education is a learning process not a treatment or therapy and embraces learning development of movement, speech and cognitive ability simultaneously.

It is a positive concept that looks for ways in which the individual can achieve purposeful movement and uses simple, well designed equipment as facilitation to an activity that can be removed as soon as the activity can be performed without it.

Click to download the Adult Conductive Education timetable below. Sessions are term time only so please check the schedule of holidays,which is also below.

Please note Conductive Education session are now run from YMCA North Tyneside, Church way, North Shields, NE290AB.


Here’s just a few testimonials from people accessing Adult Conductive Education:

“Conductive Education has made such a difference, not only to my life, but also that of my family. This has also been confirmed by my GP and consultants. I am able to do much more for myself which gives me that extra bit of independence.” Peta

“Conductive Education is the single most valuable thing that helps me to cope with MS, both physically and emotionally – it’s a holistic triumph!”

“I was in a wheelchair when I was first introduced to Conductive Education and now I only use it for longer distances and have better movement in all aspects of my life.” Wanda

“Since being diagnosed with MS, Conductive Education has had the most positive impact on my life both physically, mentally and emotionally. It is the only thing which allows me to take back control.” Fay

“Out of all the activities and exercise I do during the week, the Conductive Education session is my favourite and most beneficial to me. I would never miss it!” Kathleen